Our 21st century world is NOISY! And I don’t just mean the audible assaults. I am including the constant barrage of media, social and otherwise, as well as the incessant arrival of emails and robocalls. As a Salesperson, cutting through all this noise to find and connect with prospects can be a real challenge. My suggestion is to let the Human Touch be YOUR Sales differentiator.  

According to a recent Hubspot statistic, “the average person deletes 48% of the emails they receive every day”. This does not bode well for ‘cold’ emails as a sales tactic. These days, the likelihood of someone opening an unsolicited email from someone they do not know, is slim to none.  

Reception of audio and/or video messaging is similar. These ‘one-way’ broadcast messages are seen for what they are – advertisements of YOUR products or services without regard for the recipient. A bit like billboards, these are a ‘one-message-fits-all’ approach that just adds to the noise! 

Yet people DO still pick up the phone.  

Your competition may be using phone calling as a Sales Prospecting tactic but more and more of them are using AUTOMATED calls. These so-called ‘robocalls’ give legitimate callers a bad rap and make getting through even more difficult.  

What can a Sales caller do? My advice is to KEEP DIALING and when you DO get through to someone, be human! Be a real person who is honestly interested in learning more about THEM and THEIR business. Be warm in a world of ‘cold’ calls! 

People do business with people they know, like and trust. Human dialog and conversation can build all of these.  

Use your time with the prospect to ask questions and to really listen.  

Listen for their passion and their pain points. Create PAUSES in your conversations that allow for hearing and responding, something that just is NOT possible in an email, text or any other ‘one-way’ broadcast messaging. Actual human conversation, between two people, leads to real engagement.  

And I want to loop back to emails. Emails DO have value, just not as a substitute for ‘cold-calling’. They are a useful tool for setting up appointments and sharing information and documentation. And they can also help you stay top of mind once you have established a connection. 

Let the Human Touch be YOUR Sales Differentiator

So, KEEP dialing and when you DO connect with someone, make sure they know you are a REAL HUMAN! 

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