I recently read a good post on habits to develop if you want to be successful in sales. In the post, she listed the following habits:   

#1: Worry about what you can control 

#2: Only do things that make you money 

#3: Focus on the pipeline, not sales 

#4: Be willing to lose it all 

#5: Get face to face constantly 

#6: Understand them better 

#7: Leverage relationships 

#8: Constantly get feedback 

#9: Follow a plan 

 I agree with her his list and would add the following:  


KEEP dialing – don’t be discouraged – it is a NO business, keep dialing for that YES. Knowing your KPI’s should give you an idea of how many dials you need to make before you get to that YES. 

 You need to engage in ACTIVE LISTENING to get to #6. Lean into the calls and actively listen to HEAR the insights that give you the edge! 

 Get HELP – we offer training and management programs that get you up to speed, keep you there and on track!

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