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  • Are you disappointed with the Quantity and Quality of the leads provided by your Inside Sales Team?
  • Are you unsure of how monitor and track your Sales Team’s performance?
  • Are your Reps lacking the skills and supervision needed to effectively set appointments?

We take YOUR people and train them in our techniques which have been PROVEN to drive real sales results!

OUR SALES TRAINING gets YOUR people delivering real results!



Our Sales Training:

  • Gets YOUR Sales Team set up with tools that help them execute effectively, enhance their productivity and achieve real results.
  • Provides YOUR Sales Team with weekly support, on an ongoing basis, to review their progress, discuss their calls, role play to demonstrate appropriate and more effective responses and help them with any issues that arise.
  • Gets YOU set up on, and shows you how to USE, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management tool) that enables your sales staff and managers to track calls and monitor productivity, resulting in more accountability and better quality leads.

This combination of training, monitoring, reviewing and repeating the process has been proven to drive improved sales and increases employee retention!

Our Sales Training program is industry agnostic, working for any team that uses cold calling and appointment setting as a tactic.

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