My New Book, The Inside Sales Solution, is LIVE!

I am so excited to announce that my book, The Inside Sales Solution is now available! 

This short, easy to read book shows YOU how to set-up an effective outbound prospecting program. You will learn how to build and manage a team of successful outbound prospectors and take back control of your lead generation. 

In any business, there are so many moving parts and obstacles to connecting with prospects, many of which are not in our control. It can feel like we are at the mercy of everything from the google algorithm to the newest technology to avoid email tracking.  But direct outreach – COLD CALLING – is one channel of new business development that can be 100% under your control!  

When done well, outbound prospecting can keep the top of your funnel FULL and your bottom line healthy.  

Part of a complete marketing plan 

Today, you cannot rely on any one single means of communication and outreach. You must utilize both inbound AND outbound prospecting as part of a complete marketing plan.  

In this book, I show you the key components of the strategy that you must put in place to develop a successful outbound prospecting program. One that drives consistent, qualified leads and sales. One that can form a foundation, on top of which you can build your other (long-term) inbound marketing efforts. 

Take control of your future 

Having an “always-on” outbound prospecting program gives you a source of leads that is 100% activity based, which you can control and manage.  

It’s a very direct approach to reaching your most ideal potential clients, producing a conveyor belt of constantly replenishing prospects.  

Less time wasted, more qualified leads generated 

With our approach, your salespeople won’t waste their time chasing after the wrong deals. They will be properly prepared to identify qualified leads and move on when they reach those that are not a good fit. This saves time and leaves you with leads that close more quickly and reliably. 

Cold Calling Still Works – When Done Right 

People say, “Cold calling is dead.” Well, the old fashioned approach where you picked up the yellow pages, picked up the phone and dialed, IS dead. And good riddance! That is NOT how we do it.  

We have a new, 21st century approach which WORKS  

We provide companies with the tools and training to succeed in the current work environment. We develop scripts and show you how to sound different. We set you up on an effective lead-management CRM tool that will monitor your efforts as well as track vital data about your prospects. It will automatically let you know the best time to call and when to follow up.  

Effectively implementing this type of technology is key to your success – we set you up on it and show you how to use it. This book outlines it all, showing YOU how to put this into place in YOUR company!  

Don’t be left behind 

My goal is to help YOU succeed! As a member of our One of a Kind Sales Community, I am offering the book FREE of charge as a digital download or you can purchase it here on Amazon as a paperback or Kindle book.  

Get your copy of the book TODAY to learn how to create and manage an effective inside sales team and harness the power of outbound prospecting to keep YOUR funnel full! 

Need more help? 

And if you need more help getting YOUR team set-up and up to speed, give us a call at 908.879.2911 – we know Cold Calling and Lead Gen and can make them work for YOU!