End of the Year Sales Prospecting Survey

This year has been unprecedented in so many ways, and sales is no exception! Things that used to be tried and true may not have worked as well as in 2020 as they had in the past and all sorts of new and exciting opportunities have arisen.  

Here at One of a Kind Sales, we have always believed that the relationship between the salesperson and the prospect is the key to any sales interaction. While the ways in which we reach out and connect may have changed, that core belief has remained unchanged.  

In this, our end of the year Prospecting Survey, we would like to hear from you. Please let us know what techniques and platforms worked best to generate qualified leads for YOU in 2020.  

We will share the information we gather in an upcoming post. 

Please click on this link to take the quick, one question prospecting survey https://lmd215593.typeform.com/to/IQ7iu4l6 

Feel free to click on ‘other’ to add any comments or thoughts you may have on how the year went for you. And please share the link socially to help us reach as many salespeople as possible. 

 Thank you for helping us gather this information. And no matter what 2021 brings, we will continue to bring you insights, advice and the inspiration YOU need to succeed in sales!  

Wishing you Happy, Healthy Holidays and a Prosperous 2021!