Month to Month Lead Generations Services Deliver Disappointing Results

Month to Month Lead Generations Services Deliver Disappointing Results

In our experience, retaining Lead Generation Services on a Month to Month basis leads to disappointing results and increased salesforce turnover.  

We have noticed that some of our competitors are offering this type of lead generation services option. We think that this option is a shortsighted strategy which is a waste of your time and money and as such, we do NOT offer this option.

Month to Month Lead Generation Services are a shortsighted strategy 

Strong Sales Reps need a good 6 – 9 months to get their ‘mojo’ going. See our previous post on nurturing a successful sales team for more on this. If a sales person is on a month to month retainer, they may not have the time needed to show real results.  

It takes time to learn the ropes and to develop connections that will result in real sales. Unrealistic expectations of immediate sales production creates pressure, causes quality to slip and can lead to premature turnover.  

Month to Month Lead Generation Services are a waste of your time and money 

It may LOOK like you are saving money in the short term but in reality, you are probably going to churn through salespeople and prospects more quickly and way less effectively, if you retain people solely on a month to month basis, costing you more and delivering you poor results.  

Long term lead generation services will result in lower turnover, higher quality leads and stronger sales 

Commit to the time necessary for salespeople to get up to speed and to develop the relationships they need to deliver the results YOU want! 

When you are ready to invest in long term lead generation services with QUALITY salespeople who will deliver quality leads, give us a call! Our salespeople are trained to deliver solid results, consistently and over the long run. Click here to learn more and start getting the results YOU want, TODAY! 

Cold Calling is Scarier Than Halloween!

Cold Calling is Scarier Than Halloween!

Cold callers

Cold calling can be scary. Sales people making the call are afraid of rejection. Call recipients are fearful of picking up the phone, afraid of having their time wasted. Scariest of all is the bottom line, when dozens of man hours and thousands of dollars produce no, or poor quality, leads.

If this fright fest is familiar, you need to try our winning approach to cold calling which drives qualified leads and bottom line results!

At One of a Kind Sales, I’ve carefully trained my team to deliver exceptional sales results, using our proprietary process. If your company is struggling with your sales process, here are some of our winning strategies that you can incorporate to BOO’st your frightful cold calling results:

Define your sales process. I have found that the more structure you can put into your qualified lead generation process, the easier it will be to educate and train your team. An efficient and clearly defined sales process increases production and gets new sales reps up and running quickly.

Be results oriented. In order to deliver results, a team must know what is expected of them and when. Establish high but achievable goals. Make sure everything in your process is working toward achieving those goals.

Train and train again. Don’t rest on your laurels. Strive to constantly make your team better. Even after years of success, One of A Kind Sales continues to train on consultative selling skills and how to draw out information from prospects. We have found that giving your team opportunities to share

Coach constantly. Make no mistake, I have found that coaching drives production better and faster than any other single practice. The highly effective sales managers I work with place a high priority on coaching to build confidence and optimize results. I suggest you take advantage of every opportunity to provide feedback that will make sales reps perform better.

Provide the right technology and tools. Don’t let your team wing it. I encourage you to provide your inside sales team with scripts that can be personalized and used to progress the conversation. The right CRM will ensure higher productivity.

When your sales people are properly trained on our proprietary call process, they are more engaged and effective. Business people who receive calls from these well trained sales people are more receptive and interested in learning more about your products and services. Your investment pays off in warm leads that convert to sales.

Give us a call and take the fear out of YOUR cold calling process. Click here to contact us and to learn more about our winning approach to Cold Calling!

What You Need To Do Before You Start Cold Calling

What You Need To Do Before You Start Cold Calling

People think of cold calling as picking up the phone and continually dialing prospects until you have success. But cold calling is not a random process and you will have much greater success if you set up your process and prepare the right documents before you get started. Successful sales professionals don’t wing it. Cold calling is all about planning and execution. Here’s what you need to do before you start Cold Calling:


Research – Compile a list of decision makers and whenever possible obtain their phone numbers and emails. Collect information about the prospect that allows you to engage them in a meaningful conversation.

CRM – Leverage the power of a CRM to set benchmarks, quantify KPI’s, and track your results. This is the best way to collect information about the prospect, to monitor who you have called, where you are in the process and quantify the outcome.

Telephone Scripts – To ensure that you sound professional and your calls are productive, prepare scripts for your initial call, and follow-up calls as well.

Voice Message Scripts – Often you won’t be able to reach your prospects directly by phone. So it will be necessary to leave a brief but meaningful voice mail messages. Have them prepared before you start dialing.

FAQ’s – You want to be prepared when the prospect asks questions. Anticipate and prepare responses to potential objections. Spend some time to document what questions they might ask and what your responses should be.

Training – It’s important that each salesperson is well versed in all the steps and potential outcomes of the process. Role playing is a good way to accomplish this.

Practice – Practice is the only way for you to know your pitch cold and to sound natural on your calls. Your goal is to have a conversation with the prospect, not sell them.

Think of your process as your secret weapon, helping you manage your efforts and more easily achieve your objectives. Need help establishing an effective process for yourself and your sales team? Give us a call at 908.879.2911 or email, we can help!

Approaching Cold Calling Differently

Cold calling success is largely based on the ability to differentiate yourself from others doing the same exact thing that you are doing. It makes sense that successful cold callers catch a prospect’s attention and build a relationship by being different in their cold calling approach. It starts with the first phone call and the cold calling script.


Craft a script that sounds genuine, and unique. Messaging must catch the attention of your audience. Interject something unexpected. Incorporate content to make your script your own.


Catch the prospect’s attention. Successful cold callers make the first 30 seconds memorable by tailoring the message based on the prospect’s communication style.


Be likeable. Incorporate a genial approach that builds trustworthiness. Trustworthiness leads to being influential.


Inject humor. Connect with people over shared human experiences and tell stories that leave a positive effect.


Be sincere. Differentiate yourself by being genuinely interested in the prospect and the prospect’s needs and wants. Generate trust by truly caring about your prospect.


Ask the right questions. Ask high-value, thought-provoking questions. Ask enough deep, probing questions to really learn what the prospect needs are. Keep questions short following a response that the customer just shared to encourage them to talk more.


Embrace active listening. Pay close attention to the prospects words, their tone of voice and their body language. Remember, it’s all about them. Distinguish yourself by being able to truly understand and respond to your prospect and their particular situation.


Be prepared. Since prospects are inundated with sales calls, voicemails and emails, it is crucial to differentiate from all that noise. Come to the conversation with a knowledge of the prospect’s business and the kinds of challenges they face. Be ready with relevant open-ended questions. Sales is all about language that is pertinent to the prospect.


Add value at every opportunity. Offer blogs, videos, white papers, etc., to be a thought-leader, not just a “seller”. When buyers see you as an expert, they will welcome your call.

Accurately Measuring Lead Generation ROI

Cold calling is a proven way to warm up leads and secure face-to-face meetings. Lead generation working together with sales will deliver the best outcomes. It is a prolonged journey that focuses on process, vision and long-term goals. Lead generation requires patience. Taking a short-sighted view of lead generation sells it short on so many levels.

When evaluating ROI for cold calling, people often look at the number of calls made and the number of appointments obtained. The problem with this is that much of the value of cold calling is omitted. Combining this with several important factors will give a much clearer picture of the actual ROI from cold calling.

Every step of the process produces value so measuring ROI is tricky. There is added value in:

  1. The targeted database containing accurate information
  2. Consistent “touching” of the targeted audience
  3. Relationships nurtured through conversations
  4. Collected information for marketing strategy
  5. Sharing updates with all parties in the process

The purpose of lead generation is to create business for the long term through engagement and by building the foundation for ultimate sales. When sales leaders take a short-sighted view of the lead generation process, it is detrimental to the sales outcome.

Instead of focusing on a wide top-of-funnel approach, think more strategically about targeting the right leads and accounts, and nurturing those for the highest qualified leads possible. This will set the stage for bigger and better things to follow. Look at the big picture, have patience and reap the benefits.

The Importance of Consultative Selling in Qualified Lead Generation

Most of us as can recall times we have been “sold.” Salespeople pushing product, being aggressive, or being unaware of, or insensitive to our needs, leading to an unpleasant sales experience. Perhaps we walk away feeling that we didn’t get what we were looking for, or walk away without buying anything. We would have been more satisfied with the outcome if a consultative sales approach was undertaken.


Consultative sales is a benefit for any sales process. It entails selling by building relationships rather than pushing product. It involves uncovering the needs of potential customers through a series of questions, getting them to speak about what is important to them and what their needs are, and most importantly building a rapport with them. Once that relationship is established and the customer’s needs known, the salesperson can more easily suggest products or services that would help solve the customer’s problem. Instead of being pushy, a salesperson can be seen as a resource, someone with expert knowledge of what customers need, and how to get them to the right solution.

The consultative sales approach can be applied to every step of the sales process. At the earliest stage, it involves doing research before approaching a prospect, to find out such important information as company size, types of products or services they offer and who their target market is. Armed with that research, salespeople can ask the right questions of prospects, and find out what they really need.

Consultative selling is used throughout the pre-sales process, a very important and highly successful way to gain qualifying leads. According to The Harvard Business Review, a properly executed pre-sales process can increase new business 13%.

Pre-sales involves learning about leads, weeding out ones that aren’t a good fit and cultivating a relationship with prospective customers by engaging in conversation with them and asking questions, and probing for more information.

Another aspect of pre-sales that uses consultative sales to generate leads is cold calling, a process that even many of the most seasoned salespeople dislike. The defining image of cold calling is a prospect hanging up on a salesperson trying to sell a product or service over the phone. However, the use of consultative sales within the cold calling process can actually result in more pre-qualified leads. Using consultative sales in cold calls, engaging in conversation with a prospect on the phone, and learning about a prospect’s needs, goes a long way toward generating leads.

Honing skills in consultative sales and lead qualification can pave the way to better prospects, more productive sales calls, and a noticeable increase in the bottom line.