How Does Cold Calling Differ Across Industries?

How Does Cold Calling Differ Across Industries?

I am often asked if there are different Cold Calling tactics for different Industries. The answer is, yes, we may modify our script slightly to provide industry specific examples or wording but actually, the biggest difference is in how much TIME it takes for the prospects to ‘convert’ to a qualified appointment.  

Cold calling is cold calling no matter what industry you are calling. It is simply a discovery call. Your goal, across industries, is to engage a stranger, whom you have determined to be a decision maker, in meaningful conversation.  

If you are going after SMB’s (small and midsized businesses) you are more likely to reach a decision maker sooner, as a small business owner is just more likely to take a call. 

Typically, the larger the company, the longer it takes to reach that decision maker. When you have to navigate through multiple layers of gatekeepers, it slows the process. 

It may also take a bit longer if the industry is oversaturated, like it is with IT providers, financial advisors, insurance providers and some others. With those, you may also face built up resistance and fatigue which can slow you down. As with all calls, PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE are your best tactics!  

This isn’t a ‘one and done’ process 

And remember, no matter which industry you are working in, cold calling is never a ‘one and done’ process. Making the calls is KEY – without those calls, you will never set any appointments – but you must also have a FOLLOW-UP plan in place if you want those appointments to convert to sales. Building RELATIONSHIPS for the LONG TERM requires a process to follow-up with those new prospects. Salespeople that have this ‘long game’ mindset and a plan to follow-up, will succeed. They know that they need to not only make the connection but to NURTURE it. They establish trust and STAY in touch on a regular basis so they stay top of mind.  

It may take a bit longer to reach decision makers in certain industries but across the board, what really matters is that you have the patience and persistence to make, and then nurture, those connections so they convert to appointments and sales! 

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ENVISION Your Success

ENVISION Your Success

Back in 2008, during the Summer Olympics in Beijing, Michael Phelps was on fire! He had won 8 gold medals and was still swimming strong. Then, during the 200 meter Butterfly competition he had what you might call a ‘wardrobe malfunction’.  

As he dove in to begin the race, his goggles slowly began filling with water. “I dove in and they filled up with water, and it got worse and worse during the race,” Phelps told reporters after event. “From the 150-meter wall to the finish, I couldn’t see the wall. I was just hoping I was winning.”  

How would YOU do if you were essentially ‘blind’ for three quarters of one of the most important performances of your career? As it turned out, Phelps did just fine – actually MORE than fine – he went on to not only WIN the race but broke the world’s record!  

Those of us who watched the race hadn’t even NOTICED that anything was wrong! He had continued swimming hard and fast just like he always did. Reporters were astonished. How had he done it? 

It seems that before every race, Michael Phelps closes his eyes and ENVISIONS the entire race – every stroke, from the dive in to touching the wall at the finish. He counts the strokes, envisioning them as perfect and sees, in his mind’s eye, a mental version of a ‘perfect race’. 

So when he needed to perform without being able to actually SEE the wall, he KNEW how many strokes he had to make!  

How can this help YOU perform at YOUR very best?  

Make sure that YOU can envision the ‘perfect’ call – how will it go? What will YOU say? What will THEY say? How many ‘strokes’ or ‘volleys’ will it take to make it through the call?  

Prepare by MEMORIZING your script – internalize it so you are comfortable enough to deliver it, with feeling, even with your eyes closed!  

While a wardrobe malfunction really shouldn’t slow you down on a phone call, do ensure that your tech is up to speed. Check your phone, make sure you have your notes up on your computer and that you have your script memorized – yes, I know I mentioned that already but it is important enough to repeat! 

And here are a few past posts that can also help you prepare yourself to succeed, no matter WHAT surprises you may face! 

If YOU need help with crafting an effective script, learning new skills and/or with feedback and suggestions for improving your delivery, give me a call at 908.879.2911 – we can help get YOU to YOUR ‘perfect race’! 

Here is How I Kept MY 2019 Resolution

Here is How I Kept MY 2019 Resolution

This is the season when many of us make resolutions and set goals for the coming year. Here is a personal story of how I made and KEPT my 2019 resolution and how the tactics I used can help YOU be a better salesperson in 2020. 

Last year, I make a commitment to lose weight. Me and LOT of other people! This is frequently one of the top five, if not the number one resolution made. But rather than be one of those people who heads to the gym diligently for a week or two in January, only to abandon it completely by March, I was determined to achieve my goal. I made a commitment to myself to double down and do whatever I needed to do.  

Tactic one: Make a commitment to DO it 

I decided to go on the Keto diet. This was the most popular diet of 2019 and I had read about and knew of people who had quickly and easily lost weight on this plan. The diet allows a lot of protein and vegetables, which I already enjoyed and cut out sugar which I knew I wouldn’t miss too much. 

Tactic two: Make a PLAN 

The Keto diet works by restricting your intake of carbohydrates. A typical eating plan will usually include between 225 – 325 grams of carbs per day. On the Keto diet, they suggest you aim for 20! That is pretty drastic and I realized that while I could FORCE myself to do this for a short period of time, to really make this work, I needed a more realistic goal. I chose to shoot for 50 grams a day as my target. 

Tactic three: Make sure your plan is REALISTIC and that it is something you can stick with.  

I was worried that I would miss potatoes but I jumped in anyway. Fortunately, the protein filled me up and while I might have LIKED a french fry every now and then, I did not crave them and found that I WAS satisfied with the food type and quantity. 

Tactic four: Don’t assume how it will go – jump in and give it a chance! 

And you can always re-group. I didn’t need to, but if we are applying this to another scenario, especially cold calling, keep in mind that it is not failing if you choose to re-group, examine the plan and adjust it accordingly! 

Tactic five: Re-evaluate and revise the plan as needed.  

Since I was not doing the fully restricted version, I did not expect the pounds to be rolling off. I knew I would not have the dramatic results that I had seen and read about but kept to my plan. I was persistent and remained committed to my goal.  

By the middle of the summer, people began to comment that I looked like I was losing weight and by the end of the year I lost 20 pounds!  

Tactic six: Make sure you are tracking YOUR progress and try not to compare your progress with that of others.  

I started new routines including walking my dogs twice a day. The diet and new routines became HABITS and were much easier to continue. 

Tactic seven: Integrate GOOD HABITS into your daily routine. Yes, starting a new habit can be hard but once it becomes routine, it will be much easier.  

By October, clothing was definitely feeling loose and I was looking and feeling much better! 

Tactic eight: Be ready for it to take a few months, or years, depending on YOUR goal. Be patient and appreciate the intermediate gains – or in my case, losses! 

It wasn’t always easy or fun but I KNEW I could do it and was committed. I would regularly remind myself WHY I was doing this.  

Tactic nine: Be sure that you have a good reason WHY you are doing this. Remind yourself of this on a regular basis to help you stay on track. 

By the end of the year I had more energy, felt great and I definitely planned to continue with my new, healthier routines. 

So, as this new year begins, make an investment in YOUR future. PLAN to make it a strong year and set some goals.  PUSH YOURSELF OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. Whether they are personal or professional, make sure the goals are realistic – not too high nor too low – and that they align with your passion. Don’t make someone else’s resolution – make your own and commit to it.   

Wishing you a strong 2020! 

If you would like some help with your Sales Skills, give me a call at 908.879.2911 or email me at  Our training programs will get you up to speed and give you the skills you need to succeed! 

Control what you can in Sales

Control what you can in Sales

There are so many factors that you can NOT control in sales:  

  • The mood your prospect will be in when you get them on the phone 
  • Whether someone will even TAKE your call 
  • Whether your Producer will convert your hard-earned lead into a sale 

So, let’s focus on what you CAN control so we can rock YOUR commissions in 2020! 

According to a recent study, only 24.3% of salespeople exceeded their quota last year. How did YOU do? If you would like to do better – and even if you CRUSHED it last year, most good salespeople will be looking to do even better this year – here are some tips on how to control what you can in Sales.  

Are you REALLY making all the calls you can? 

If you are supposed to be dialing for 6 hours a day, are you just hitting your appointment setting quota and stopping, or are you really putting in the hours? 

In that same study noted above, 66.7% of the respondents had reached out to fewer than 250 leads. We also know, from other research, that companies with less than 50 new opportunities per month didn’t achieve their revenue goals while those with more opportunities were more likely to hit and exceed their goals. So, more dials = more opportunities. Make sure you are making those calls! 

It gets easier – or at least more rewarding 

Interestingly, that report found that salespeople who spend MORE than 4 hours a day on sales related activities reported HIGHER levels of job satisfaction than those spending less time.  

YOU control how many hours you put in, make the effort and it will pay off! 

Move the ball down the field 

Not every call will lead to a sale but make sure you are doing all you can to move the ball down the field – engage the prospect, gather critical data for future conversations, leave them with the info they need to remember you and your company and ask for a referral.  

Positive Mindset = Positive Outcome 

You never know what kind of day your prospect is having but you CAN control YOUR mindset. And that can make all the difference! Start your day with personal affirmations or inspirational words or video. Stay up to date on sales techniques and follow industry leaders on social media for insights and ideas. Follow us on Facebook LinkedIn and Twitter for daily Sales tips and inspiration! 

Master your Script 

It may sound simple but memorizing your script really helps improve your confidence and delivery. And that can translate into higher levels of trust on the part of the prospect, leading to more appointments.  

Master your Rebuttals 

Ditto on your rebuttals. You WILL hit resistance and having rehearsed responses to the complaints you know you will hear will help ensure smooth, confident delivery when jumping those inevitable huddles. 

Stay Unattached to the Outcome 

When you are UNattached to the outcome of a call, you are will sound more relaxed and less salesy – two traits that actually result in MORE sales! This technique also helps YOU gain confidence, another sales booster as this builds the trust of the prospect.  

Don’t fool yourself 

Don’t fool yourself into believing that you have made all the calls you can. Or that you have mastered your script or rebuttals if you haven’t. Be honest with yourself and challenge yourself to do better.  

As we all know, making sales takes some luck – but the harder you work, the luckier you get! 

Good luck and best wishes for a strong 2020! 

Do you and your team need a bit more ‘luck’? Give us a call at 908.879.1322 to learn how we can get you in control and rocking YOUR commission in 2020!

Let the Human Touch be YOUR Sales Differentiator

Let the Human Touch be YOUR Sales Differentiator

Our 21st century world is NOISY! And I don’t just mean the audible assaults. I am including the constant barrage of media, social and otherwise, as well as the incessant arrival of emails and robocalls. As a Salesperson, cutting through all this noise to find and connect with prospects can be a real challenge. My suggestion is to let the Human Touch be YOUR Sales differentiator.  

According to a recent Hubspot statistic, “the average person deletes 48% of the emails they receive every day”. This does not bode well for ‘cold’ emails as a sales tactic. These days, the likelihood of someone opening an unsolicited email from someone they do not know, is slim to none.  

Reception of audio and/or video messaging is similar. These ‘one-way’ broadcast messages are seen for what they are – advertisements of YOUR products or services without regard for the recipient. A bit like billboards, these are a ‘one-message-fits-all’ approach that just adds to the noise! 

Yet people DO still pick up the phone.  

Your competition may be using phone calling as a Sales Prospecting tactic but more and more of them are using AUTOMATED calls. These so-called ‘robocalls’ give legitimate callers a bad rap and make getting through even more difficult.  

What can a Sales caller do? My advice is to KEEP DIALING and when you DO get through to someone, be human! Be a real person who is honestly interested in learning more about THEM and THEIR business. Be warm in a world of ‘cold’ calls! 

People do business with people they know, like and trust. Human dialog and conversation can build all of these.  

Use your time with the prospect to ask questions and to really listen.  

Listen for their passion and their pain points. Create PAUSES in your conversations that allow for hearing and responding, something that just is NOT possible in an email, text or any other ‘one-way’ broadcast messaging. Actual human conversation, between two people, leads to real engagement.  

And I want to loop back to emails. They DO have value, just not as a substitute for ‘cold-calling’. They are a useful tool for setting up appointments and sharing information and documentation. They can also help you stay top of mind once you have established a connection. 

So, KEEP dialing and when you DO connect with someone, make sure they know you are a REAL HUMAN! 

Need help with YOUR cold calling skills and scripting? Give us a call at 908-879-2911 – our training programs will get you and your team up to speed and on track to succeed! 

Want it to be a Happy (and Prosperous) New Year? Do THIS NOW!

Want it to be a Happy (and Prosperous) New Year? Do THIS NOW!

I will keep this short and to the point – do NOT stop prospecting over the holidays! Yes, you may have a lot going on outside of work and yes, even when you DO get through to people, they may be distracted. But making the calls, and having conversations NOW, builds the relationships and the contacts that will turn into prospects and sales in the coming year! 

Here are some important points to keep in mind: 

  • People may not be closing new business in December but the relationships you make this month are the seeds you plant to ensure a prosperous Q1 in 2020.
  • Gatekeepers may be out of the office over the holidays, making it more likely you will be able to reach key decision makers directly. 
  • And when you DO reach those key prospects, they may be a bit less busy, in better spirits and receptive to chatting. This gives you the opportunity to learn more about them, their needs and how you can more effectively help them! 
  • Your competition probably ISN’T working the phones so it may be easier to get your calls answered and the people who DO answer the phone will be impressed by your work ethic. 
  • If your responsibilities include knocking on doors, making presentations and networking, you may find fewer people in their offices, but those that ARE there are probably a bit more laid back and able to talk. 
  • Remember, not everyone is celebrating in December – find the ones who are ready to work. 
  • Don’t fool yourself – if you are NOT prospecting over the holidays, you ARE leaving money on the table! 

Don’t be discouraged – keep dialing and prospecting – it’s the best way to ensure a strong 2020!