There are so many factors that you can NOT control in sales:  

  • The mood your prospect will be in when you get them on the phone 
  • Whether someone will even TAKE your call 
  • Whether your Producer will convert your hard-earned lead into a sale 

So, let’s focus on what you CAN control so we can rock YOUR commissions in 2020! 

According to a recent study, only 24.3% of salespeople exceeded their quota last year. How did YOU do? If you would like to do better – and even if you CRUSHED it last year, most good salespeople will be looking to do even better this year – here are some tips on how to control what you can in Sales.  

Are you REALLY making all the calls you can? 

If you are supposed to be dialing for 6 hours a day, are you just hitting your appointment setting quota and stopping, or are you really putting in the hours? 

In that same study noted above, 66.7% of the respondents had reached out to fewer than 250 leads. We also know, from other research, that companies with less than 50 new opportunities per month didn’t achieve their revenue goals while those with more opportunities were more likely to hit and exceed their goals. So, more dials = more opportunities. Make sure you are making those calls! 

It gets easier – or at least more rewarding 

Interestingly, that report found that salespeople who spend MORE than 4 hours a day on sales related activities reported HIGHER levels of job satisfaction than those spending less time.  

YOU control how many hours you put in, make the effort and it will pay off! 

Move the ball down the field 

Not every call will lead to a sale but make sure you are doing all you can to move the ball down the field – engage the prospect, gather critical data for future conversations, leave them with the info they need to remember you and your company and ask for a referral.  

Positive Mindset = Positive Outcome 

You never know what kind of day your prospect is having but you CAN control YOUR mindset. And that can make all the difference! Start your day with personal affirmations or inspirational words or video. Stay up to date on sales techniques and follow industry leaders on social media for insights and ideas. Follow us on Facebook LinkedIn and Twitter for daily Sales tips and inspiration! 

Master your Script 

It may sound simple but memorizing your script really helps improve your confidence and delivery. And that can translate into higher levels of trust on the part of the prospect, leading to more appointments.  

Master your Rebuttals 

Ditto on your rebuttals. You WILL hit resistance and having rehearsed responses to the complaints you know you will hear will help ensure smooth, confident delivery when jumping those inevitable huddles. 

Stay Unattached to the Outcome 

When you are UNattached to the outcome of a call, you are will sound more relaxed and less salesy – two traits that actually result in MORE sales! This technique also helps YOU gain confidence, another sales booster as this builds the trust of the prospect.  

Don’t fool yourself 

Don’t fool yourself into believing that you have made all the calls you can. Or that you have mastered your script or rebuttals if you haven’t. Be honest with yourself and challenge yourself to do better.  

As we all know, making sales takes some luck – but the harder you work, the luckier you get! 

Good luck and best wishes for a strong 2020! 

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