In our last three articles we talked about:

In this final article, we will address those who claim that they were unsuccessful with sales prospecting in the past, so they think it is a waste of time. 

Yes, sales prospecting CAN be a waste of time. And depending on the number of people you have doing it and the amount of time they are spending on each call, it can be a HUGE waste of money.  

But that is when it is being done POORLY! 

Done correctly, your staff will be setting appointments and driving the sales that will GROW your business, not sink it. But to be done correctly, sales staff must be trained in the techniques and skills that WORK. They need the words and processes that produce qualified leads, set appointments and close sales. 

Our training will prepare YOUR inside sales team to make the most of their time and your money. We prepare them to make effective calls, setting appointments and collecting the key information needed to close sales.  

If don’t yet have an inside sales team or are looking to build it out, we can also provide you with well trained, qualified candidates who will get appointments set with leads who will CONVERT. 

And if you are not ready to hire a sales team, hire US! Our highly trained salespeople can work on your behalf, keeping your funnel filled with qualified leads.

Call us NOW at 908.879.2911 to learn more about the sales training, sales candidate and lead generation services we offer to ensure that YOU are not wasting YOUR time and money when sales prospecting!