In our last two articles we talked about Sales Prospecting, discussing why it is crucial to business growth and Why People Don’t Enjoy Sales Prospecting, along with some suggestions on how to enjoy it more. 

In this post we will address the excuse that people are too busy with the work they already have to be bothered with sales prospecting.  

A frequent complaint we hear is that people are just SO busy with the work they have that they don’t have the time or bandwidth for sales prospecting. This can be a GOOD problem to have, for a while. Then it becomes disastrous when you wrap up all the existing work only to realize that your sales funnel is EMPTY! 

Here are a few ways to address issue and to avoid this dilemma:  


Even if you haven’t experienced it yet, if you don’t do sales prospecting on a regular basis, you WILL find yourself with a dry sales funnel. And it takes TIME to fill that funnel. Make time to prospect for sales BEFORE your funnel runs dry. 

Hire help 

If you really don’t have the time manpower to do this, we can find well trained sales people to do this work for you. We identify competent, effective sales people who can take this task and RUN with it so that when you come up for air, your funnel will be full and ready! 


Not ready to hire someone full time? Call US. We have a staff of highly trained, professional sales people who can make calls, schedule appointments and provide you with the qualified leads you need to KEEP your firm busy! 

If you are too busy to do this yourself, or if you just want a more robust stream of sales leads, give us a call at 908.879.2911 – we can help! 

And check back for our next and final article in this series where we will address the concern that Sales Prospecting hasn’t been productive in the past, so you think of it as a waste of time.