This is the season when many of us make resolutions and set goals for the coming year. Here is a personal story of how I made and KEPT my 2019 resolution and how the tactics I used can help YOU be a better salesperson in 2020. 

Last year, I make a commitment to lose weight. Me and LOT of other people! This is frequently one of the top five, if not the number one resolution made. But rather than be one of those people who heads to the gym diligently for a week or two in January, only to abandon it completely by March, I was determined to achieve my goal. I made a commitment to myself to double down and do whatever I needed to do.  

Tactic one: Make a commitment to DO it 

I decided to go on the Keto diet. This was the most popular diet of 2019 and I had read about and knew of people who had quickly and easily lost weight on this plan. The diet allows a lot of protein and vegetables, which I already enjoyed and cut out sugar which I knew I wouldn’t miss too much. 

Tactic two: Make a PLAN 

The Keto diet works by restricting your intake of carbohydrates. A typical eating plan will usually include between 225 – 325 grams of carbs per day. On the Keto diet, they suggest you aim for 20! That is pretty drastic and I realized that while I could FORCE myself to do this for a short period of time, to really make this work, I needed a more realistic goal. I chose to shoot for 50 grams a day as my target. 

Tactic three: Make sure your plan is REALISTIC and that it is something you can stick with.  

I was worried that I would miss potatoes but I jumped in anyway. Fortunately, the protein filled me up and while I might have LIKED a french fry every now and then, I did not crave them and found that I WAS satisfied with the food type and quantity. 

Tactic four: Don’t assume how it will go – jump in and give it a chance! 

And you can always re-group. I didn’t need to, but if we are applying this to another scenario, especially cold calling, keep in mind that it is not failing if you choose to re-group, examine the plan and adjust it accordingly! 

Tactic five: Re-evaluate and revise the plan as needed.  

Since I was not doing the fully restricted version, I did not expect the pounds to be rolling off. I knew I would not have the dramatic results that I had seen and read about but kept to my plan. I was persistent and remained committed to my goal.  

By the middle of the summer, people began to comment that I looked like I was losing weight and by the end of the year I lost 20 pounds!  

Tactic six: Make sure you are tracking YOUR progress and try not to compare your progress with that of others.  

I started new routines including walking my dogs twice a day. The diet and new routines became HABITS and were much easier to continue. 

Tactic seven: Integrate GOOD HABITS into your daily routine. Yes, starting a new habit can be hard but once it becomes routine, it will be much easier.  

By October, clothing was definitely feeling loose and I was looking and feeling much better! 

Tactic eight: Be ready for it to take a few months, or years, depending on YOUR goal. Be patient and appreciate the intermediate gains – or in my case, losses! 

It wasn’t always easy or fun but I KNEW I could do it and was committed. I would regularly remind myself WHY I was doing this.  

Tactic nine: Be sure that you have a good reason WHY you are doing this. Remind yourself of this on a regular basis to help you stay on track. 

By the end of the year I had more energy, felt great and I definitely planned to continue with my new, healthier routines. 

So, as this new year begins, make an investment in YOUR future. PLAN to make it a strong year and set some goals.  PUSH YOURSELF OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. Whether they are personal or professional, make sure the goals are realistic – not too high nor too low – and that they align with your passion. Don’t make someone else’s resolution – make your own and commit to it.   

Wishing you a strong 2020! 

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