I am a life-long learner. For decades, I have followed and trained with numerous coaches and participated in sales programs of all types. I strive to continuously improve my own skills and to bring new ideas and techniques to our One of a Kind Sales team members and our appointment setting services.  

Early on, in the 1990’s, I enrolled in a program with a prominent sales coach and trainer who specializes in teaching people how to Cold Call. I continued to follow her work and 3 years ago, I was honored to have an opportunity to strategically partner with her.  

During our initial engagement, she learned about my business and the appointment setting services we offer (Lead GenerationOne of a Kind Search and Call Center in a Box). She had never outsourced her Appointment Setting but within six months, she engaged US to launch an Appointment Setting Campaign on her behalf! 

After two weeks on the campaign, she expanded the scope of the project and last year she invited our account rep, to assist in TRAINING others in HER workshops! 

This was a HUGE compliment and a testament to the quality of our team members and our Appointment Setting techniques!  

Do YOU need more qualified appointments set? We can do this for YOU! Give us a call TODAY at 908.879.2911 to see how WE can become YOUR INSIDE SALES team!

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