I recently read something that suggested “…the ideal sales training program should accompany a new rep through his or her first months on the job, lasting at least 90 days and as long as a year or more.”(1)

Yes, this is a good start but in our extensive experience, we have found that ONGOING sales training is the most effective way to:

  • Give your team the competitive edge 
  • Consistently achieve sales quotas 
  • Retain valuable employees 
  • Drive more sales!

According to the American Marketing Association, “organizations spend an average of $2,236 per salesperson on sales training every year. By one account, U.S. companies alone spend $15 billion each year training sales employees.”

But not all sales training is created equal. Nor is it all effective!

Effective Sales Training 

At One of a Kind Sales, we train salespeople in our proprietary ‘Conversational Selling’ technique. Our comprehensive, ongoing training program:

  • Introduces, explains and models effective selling tactics and techniques 
  • Provides a peer group experience which helps and supports individuals as needed while raising the skill and success level of the entire team 
  • Establishes metrics and creates a system which allows you to monitor progress, identify set-backs and track results 

Build Confidence

We are not all natural-born salespeople. Learning new skills and techniques benefits everyone.

When I first got into sales, I was horrified of failing. I had some training but really hungered for more. I invested in myself, taking classes and attending programs. I guess you can say that I’ve become a lifelong student of the sales process.

This has built my confidence and driven successful outcomes.

Create a Culture of ‘Stickiness’

Employers who invest in their people see lower rates of employee turnover – a huge concern in this era of the ‘great resignation’.

Employees not only stay, but they produce more. And when they do hit obstacles and challenges, we provide the support and guidance needed to navigate them and move forward, rather than burn out and leave.

Ongoing sales training for your existing employees is much more cost effective than having to constantly on-board new people, only to have them repeat the ‘burn out and leave’ cycle. 

Systems WORK

Our One of a Kind Sales System is a time proven process that WORKS. We teach you the steps to follow, the words to say, when and how to say them and how to follow-up. Then we work with you to perfect your implementation and delivery. 


The results include:

  • Establishing and reinforcing a positive brand image for your company 
  • Setting you and your team up as industry leaders  
  • More closed sales and less money left on the table

I Practice what I Preach

As I said, I am a lifelong learner. I am in skills training once a week and my team is trained weekly. I am also committed to Cold Calling, making it a recurring task on my weekly schedule despite my seniority and the fact that I have a team that does this. Doing this regularly keeps me sharp, aware of the current issues and allows me to truly empathize with the challenges my teams face.

A Bonus Win

Sales, at its most essential level, is about COMMUNICATION. Sales training is about teaching people how to communicate more effectively. 

As an added bonus, these skills carry over into all aspects of your life. Your significant other, family and friends will thank you! 

Drive Success:

A study from 2019 determined that “…69 percent of sales organizations cited salesperson training as the top service offering provided by companies to enable their sales organization’s success.” (2)

Invest in yourself and your team. Give us a call today at 908-879-2911 to learn more about our Ongoing Sales Training programs and how they can help YOU!

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