At One of a Kind Sales, we call our proprietary approach to Cold Calling ‘Conversational Selling’. 

We approach each call as a conversation and an opportunity to discover two things: 

     1. Are we speaking with a decision maker?  


     2. Are they experiencing problems now, or in the future, that we can solve? 

We do that, in conversation, by asking a lot of important and pointed questions. 

Sales 101 

Take for example, the classic sales exercise where you are asked ‘sell me a pen’.  

Most people launch into ‘sell’ mode, listing all the features and benefits of owning this particular pen.  

With Conversational Selling, we deliberately take a different path. We need to know what is motivating the person’s need for a pen before we know if this is the best pen for them.  

Rather than going directly for a sale, we pause and spend time asking important questions to determine if this pen is the best fit for them, or if another might be better. 

Build Trust 

This approach does a couple of things. First, it earns you the trust of the prospect. They can see that you are genuinely curious to learn about THEM and THEIR needs, as opposed to just selling YOUR product.  

Qualify the Prospect 

It also provides you with the opportunity to decide if this buyer is a good fit for you!  

Don’t Rush 

This approach also forces you to SLOW DOWN.  

Many salespeople are guilty of approaching each prospect with an attitude of ‘ let’s close this deal and move onto the next’.  

When you do that, you often miss important details and information which is key to determining how to best sell this prospect.  

You need to learn how THIS prospect wants to buy. Listening and drawing information out through questioning provides you with this info.  

Equal Stature 

When you approach a sales call as a conversation you create equal stature that allows you to determine if this prospect is a good fit. And to determine whether you can solve their problem.  

This takes the pressure off of the salesperson AND the prospect.  

A Proven Track Record 

We have been practicing this method for over 29 years, refining our approach, and messaging as needed. Not only has it been successful for us and our clients, but it has also worked well for the salespeople that we have trained.  

In addition to making you a better salesperson, our Conversational Selling training will benefit you across all areas of your professional and even your personal life by helping you become a better LISTENER.  

Be Deliberately Different 

At the end of the day, Conversational Selling will set you apart – people remember people who are different.  

As you know, I love this quote from Coco Chanel who famously said, “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” 

Being deliberately different, by design, will improve your sales, fill your pipeline and relive you and the prospect of the pressure of a hard sell. 

Invest in Yourself 

Sales training benefits individual salespeople and companies as a whole, by sharpening their skills, increasing the knowledge base, keeping the company competitive and growing revenue.  

Ongoing sales training should be a part of every employee’s weekly schedule, at every level. Yes, even management! This keeps people involved, up to date on the industry best practices and engaged with their team and their prospects. 

If you need help shifting YOUR mindset from selling features and benefits to Conversational Selling, give us a call. Our ‘Call Center in a Boxand ‘Close the Dealprograms provide the ongoing sales training you and your team needs to succeed!