Over the years, I have noticed that these three fundamentals are KEY to sales success. When you aren’t hitting your sales quota, or can’t seem to connect with enough qualified leads, check to see if you are missing one of these pieces.  

I often see people master one or two and yet they are still struggling. But get all three in alignment, and your sales prospecting will go MUCH more smoothly and effectively. It’s like finding the missing piece to your sales puzzle! 

I remember the three fundamentals by the acronym ‘MAM’ – here they are: 


Putting yourself in the right frame of mind is key. Sales prospecting and cold calling are hard jobs – you need to stay optimistic and maintain a positive attitude to succeed.  

Approach your calls with this mindset and you will see better results. 

Need help with this? Here is a quick post that explains this further. Check out this page for quick tips. And of course, follow me here for updates and advice to keep you empowered and in a positive state of mind!  


You need to actually take action to succeed. You need to actively DO the activities that are in your control, to achieve your goals.

For more on this, check out this post. And this one for some activity tracking tips and advice.



Have a system, with a playbook, that works – then methodically work the plan.  

Our proprietary ‘Conversational Selling’ system is a proven method for making calls that identify qualified leads. We can do this for you or train your team to do it effectively. Either way, the method is your roadmap to success.  

We have all the tools YOU need to succeed – give us a call at 908.879.2911 and let us show YOU how.  

So how many of these have YOU mastered? Can you now see the missing piece to YOUR sales puzzle? Give us a call if you need help filling in a gap and remember, anything is possible!

Here’s to a strong 2022!