According to a survey done by YouGov in December of 2017, eating healthier, getting more exercise and saving money were tied as the number one personal new year’s resolution for 2018. And most studies cite the number one business resolution as increasing sales and growth.  

Sadly, other statistics show that 80% of New Year’s resolutions FAIL by February!  

Reasons vary but most frequently, people just find change DIFFICULT. People WANT to go to the gym, eat more broccoli and save more money but actually making those changes are hard to do. They want to get strong but push-ups are hard. They want their businesses to grow but don’t really know what to do to make that happen.  

At One of a Kind Sales, we can help! We KNOW what it takes to increase sales – it takes well trained salespeople acting on qualified leads. We offer a number of services that make sure you have both a funnel FULL of qualified leads and the effectively trained salespeople that will close the sales that will grow your business in 2019! 


Our proprietary training program will prepare YOUR inside sales team to make effective calls, setting appointments and collecting the key information needed to close sales. We make sure that your people have the skills and tools they need to meet and exceed your resolutions. 


If you don’t yet have an inside sales team, or are looking to build a stronger bench, we can provide you with well trained, qualified candidates who will get appointments set with leads who will CONVERT helping you meet and exceed your growth goals. 


If you are not ready to hire an inside sales team, hire US! Our highly trained salespeople can work on your behalf, keeping your funnel filled with qualified leads. It’s like having someone who can do your push-ups for you! We provide you with the leads that will convert to SALES. Note: 6 pack abs not included. 

Call us NOW at 908.879.2911 to learn more about the sales training, sales candidate and lead generation services we offer to ensure that YOU meet and exceed the business goals YOU set for 2019!