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About Ryan Pollyniak: Ryan Pollyniak is a Cloud Transformation Executive at Western Computer, a Microsoft Gold Partner specializing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud solutions. Ryan is a seasoned sales professional with a rich background in the Microsoft Dynamics space. Before joining Western Computer in 2015, Ryan spent significant time with an ISV (add-on solution) in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem, working closely with partners to sell products to companies using Microsoft Dynamics. Catering to medium- to enterprise-sized businesses, Ryan is well-versed in ERP and CRM strategies and is heavily involved in the Microsoft Dynamics Channel. Check out the latest episode of our Conversational Selling podcast to learn more about Ryan.

In this episode, Nancy and Ryan discuss the following:

  • Understanding ISVs in the Microsoft Dynamics Space 
  • Aligning sales and marketing strategies for success
  • Prioritizing ideal prospects and avoiding shotgun approaches 
  • The importance of transparency and alignment in sales conversations
  • Critical strategies for ensuring customer satisfaction in complex engagements 
  • The role of CRM in organizational success

Key Takeaways: 

  • Building that network in a closed ecosystem is a continuous act. 
  • You can never let your ego or feelings get in the way of treating people correctly because they will come back around.
  • If you sell people things that they don’t need, it’ll come back to bite you.
  • We’re not satisfied if we don’t have a satisfied customer at the end of an engagement.

“And there’s a great book out there called Essentialism that focuses on how well some organizations have done that in the past to great effect. So, when taking that line of thought, you want to ensure that your marketing messaging and target audience align with the projects you want to bring in as an organization and what you want your salespeople to follow up on. Otherwise, you end up with a shotgun approach of, you know, getting all kinds of leads in terms of high volume and high quantity, but maybe not particularly the type of companies that you would want to be working with. And that leads to your salespeople getting frustrated, sorting through endless low-value leads. There’s a huge cost to that organization.” – RYAN

“I don’t try to convince people very much, which sounds a little bit silly in a sales scenario, but I’m not a big believer in really trying to persuade as much as I am trying to help prospective clients understand once I’ve identified that we have a good fit and I understand what the client is looking for. It’s really about explaining that and making sure that they understand why I am in the position I’m in with all my experience in this industry and why I think the solution is a good fit. And I’ve had people tell me right out of the gate, ‘We’re trying to narrow down prospective vendors. Give me the short story; why should I go with you guys?’ And I say, my answer to that, Nancy, is, and it takes people back sometimes, is, ‘I don’t know that we are the right fit yet. Can we talk a little bit more?'” – RYAN

“Be honest with people and do what you’re good at. Don’t try to be all things to everyone, and keep yourself organized in your CRM. That’s critical. If your boss is asking you to update CRM or if you’re the boss and you’re asking people to update CRM, I’m a big believer in systems. Nobody—I can’t speak for everybody, but I can’t keep everything straight in my head or on paper. I need systems, I need reminders, I need processes. And I think any good salesperson is going to follow those. Any good sales organization will have best practices established in terms of how to use the system and get the most out of it. So don’t fight CRM. It is there to help.” – RYAN

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