About Rennie Gabriel: He is the author of the best-selling book, “Wealth on Any Income: 12 Steps to Freedom” which is translated into 8 languages. He went from broke at the age of 50 to multi-millionaire in a few years while only earning $5000 a month. He failed high-school math, but he learned three secrets of the wealthy and now lives on his real-estate investment income. In addition, Rennie donates 100% of his book, training, and coaching profits to Shelter to Soldier, where dogs are rescued from toxic environments and trained as service animals for post-911 soldiers who have returned with post-traumatic stress disorders and traumatic brain injuries. As the president of the Financial Coach Inc., he provides education, training, and practical money skills – reducing debt, growing businesses, and creating work as a choice instead of a requirement. He is fluent in English, humor, and dog. 


In this episode, Nancy and Rennie Gabriel discuss: 

  • Wealth creation is a team sport
  • Focusing on your expenses first 
  • Having a learner mindset 
  • Paying yourself first 


Key Takeaways: 

  • A company will take at least two people, with two different skills. 
  • You don’t need to make more money to suit your overwhelming expenses, you need to adjust your expenses. Focus on your expenses more, not your income. 
  • Whenever you hear a familiar statement, ask questions. What does it really mean? How does it apply to you? 
  • Pay yourself first. Set aside 10% of your income to be kept for the rest of your life. 


“Recognize that it is ineffective to create wealth by yourself. Wealth creation is a team sport, not a solo sport.” – Rennie Gabriel


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