Two of the most important components to the success of your business are your Client Base and your Sales Team. Select these carefully and you will have greater success, both in your day-to-day interactions and your bottom line. 

What qualities should you look for when building your ideal Client Base and Sales Team? We each have our own impressions of the people we deal with but here are five key characteristics to look for when pursuing Prospective Clients and hiring Salespeople:  

  1. Young: By this I mean YOUTHFUL. Age is just a number and we all know people who are much ‘younger’ (or older!) at heart than their chronological age. Surrounding yourself with clients and a team of ‘youthful’ energetic people who embrace change easily will foster a positive outlook, companywide 
  2. Attractive: We don’t mean Miss America here. This too, is not to be taken literally. I am talking about looking for, working with and hiring people who attract other peoplePeople who are socially adept and that others like to be around. Interesting people who, in some way, have a magnetic personality. People YOU are attracted to and enjoy being with. 
  3. Verbal: Being able to communicate is a KEY trait in any Salesperson – period, end of story. Hiring people who speak well and are easily understood check this box. Identifying clients who say what they mean will also make your life easier. 
  4. Intelligent: We’re not talking about IQ here. Your team members need not have a degree from Harvard to deliver excellent sales results. Being street smart and getting it is what we want. 
  5. Successful: This is not about money, but it does impact the bottom line. Here, we want to look for people who can accomplish what they set out to do. They finish things. They are responsive and take responsibility for their actions and their success. 

These five traits create the acronym YAVISWe can train for skills, but these are innate traits that people are born with. Look for them as you interview clients and prospective employees. You may not be able to consistently find people with all five of these qualities but aim for at least 3 or 4. 

Once you start looking for and requiring these characteristics of those you work with and hire, you will find that building your ideal Client Base and Sales Team will bring YOU more success! 

Which traits do YOU value most in your Sales Team? Is it the same for your Clients? Let us know in the comments below!