Yes, you can do your banking and order everything from dinner to a washing machine to nail clippers online. You can turn on your TV, adjust the volume and lock your doors, even when you are not anywhere nearby. But you really cannot replace HUMAN INTERACTION for real results, especially when it comes to sales. 

We are not disparaging technology – effective salespeople rely on a wide array of technical tools to identify prospects, monitor call volume and track KPIs. We are talking about the type of personal interaction that allows you to make a REAL CONNECTION with your prospects. 

Real, personal connection can be fostered in many ways. If your prospect is close by, meeting face to face is always a good way to connect with someone. Often, a live meeting can make the difference between ‘identifying a prospect’ and ‘creating a relationship that leads to SALES’. 

When a client is not in your zip code, or even your state, the phone is an excellent tool. But it is only effective when the calls are made by people who are really LISTENING and INTERACTING with the people on the other end of the line. People are getting bombarded by robocalls all the time so you need to be sure to connect personally if you want to close sales.  

We really like to use video calling. There are a number of easy to use platforms available including Zoom, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts and more that can facilitate meetings that are the next best thing to live! 

Frequently, salespeople will lament that they have built themselves huge social networks (often at great time and expense) but they are disappointed that these efforts have NOT resulted in actual sales. Social networks CAN possibly help you identify good prospects, but if you are not connecting in person, via the phone or video calls, you are NOT really connecting.  

In person, phone calls and video calls allow you to build REAL connections with your prospect, allowing them to hear the inflection in your voice and see and FEEL your passion and enthusiasm.  

Yes, technology can facilitate these calls but it is the PERSONAL INTERACTION that is the differentiator you need to really succeed in sales! 

If you are NOT making the connections nor seeing the results YOU need, give us a call – we can help you with your script, train you and your team on your delivery and even make calls for you if needed! Contact us at 908.879.2911 or