SEPTEMBER 25, 2018, CHESTER, NJ. Nancy Calabrese, an expert in qualified lead generation and appointment setting is pleased to announce the launch of One of a Kind Sales (OOAKS), an expansion of her company’s offerings, One of a Kind Solutions. OOAKS has undergone a total brand review and today unveiled its new offerings, name, logo and website to support its place as a pre-eminent qualified lead generation company.

A mere seven years ago, Ms. Calabrese launched One of a Kind Solutions. With the dawn of One of a Kind Sales, new notable sales services are now offered. In addition to qualified lead generation and appointment setting, “One of a Kind Search” helps build companies’ inside sales teams by leveraging OOAKS consultative sales techniques and hiring expertise. When sales teams are looking to improve their own cold calling outcomes, OOAKS offers “Cold Center in a Box” which gives them the proper tools and structure for qualifying leads and setting appointments within their own organizations.

The rebranding reflects One of a Kind Sales’ absolute focus on sales and sales support. Ms. Calabrese’s philosophy is that closed sales stem from embracing a rigorous cold calling process executed to defined prospects. The OOAKS process culls very targeted leads, engages decision makers, builds rapport, sets appointments and facilitates the close of the sale.

“Sales is what we are all about,” shared Nancy Calabrese, CEO and Founder of One of a Kind Sales. “We embody sales in everything we do. Our callers are salespeople rather than telemarketers. Our sales technique embraces consultative selling, qualifying and uncovering pain. When companies hire One of a Kind Sales, they are adding an entire sales department, as well as thought leaders knowledgeable in effective marketing.”

Cold calling is a piece of the sales process that is often neglected. Salespeople frequently avoid picking up the phone to make cold calls. Through its comprehensive process, One of a Kind Sales becomes each company’s sales engine that fuels new business activity by generating qualified appointments.

Since its inception in 2011, One of a Kind Sales has been recognized for its unique approach to qualified lead generation using consultative selling and its proprietary cold calling process. OOAKS has helped scores of B2B companies streamline their sales process and improve sales outcomes. Today, OOAKS serves individual sales leaders as well as sales teams that are struggling to keep their pipelines full with qualified leads and appointments.

One of a Kind Sales works with B2B enterprises where sales is integral to growth. To date, OOAKS had been a valuable resource for a variety of industries: Payroll, Insurance, Technology, Education, Public Relations, Marketing, Sales Training, HR Training & Consulting, Publishing, Logistics, Commercial Cleaning, Commercial Real Estate, Extended Warranty & Repair, Cost Containment, Commercial Moving, Commercial Printing, and Medical Review Services.

The new OOAKS look evokes the very targeted approach they utilize and reflects their unique presales process. The bold and attention getting colors align with OOAKS ability to engage prospects for sales follow-up and the passion and excitement with which their team embraces cold calling. While the offerings, name, logo and website have changed to better represent what the company’s focus truly is, OOAKS value proposition remains the same – generating qualified leads that are ready to close.

About One of a Kind Sales
Since 2011, One of a Kind Sales has helped scores of B2B companies improve the quality of their prospects and facilitated closed sales. Nancy Calabrese saw a need for better quality, highly specialized, qualified lead generation. The combination of the OOAKS proprietary process and their consultative approach increases efficiencies, reduces costs and facilitates closed sales. Additional information including method and offerings, and clients OOAKS has worked with can be found at