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About Michael Harris: Michael Harris is a multi-talented individual with an incredible gift for empowering others. Whether you’re looking to take care of your health, share your story with the world, or build a thriving business, Michael has the expertise to guide you to success. With multiple bestselling books under his belt, Michael is the real deal regarding coaching, training, and entrepreneurship. He’s dedicated to helping people from all walks of life share their message and make a real impact. Michael started a yoga practice in 1987 due to a near-fatal health condition. In the early 90’s, he began teaching and has never stopped. Michael truly believes that nature holds the key to living our best lives. It’s just a matter of learning how to apply what you already know so you can have better health, share your message, and live the life of an entrepreneur. Check out the latest episode of our Conversational Selling podcast to learn more about Michael.

In this episode, Nancy and Michael discuss the following:

  • The reasons why people have preconceived limitations. 
  • Podcasting as a powerful marketing source.
  • Michael recommends how anyone can get their message, story, and voice out to the world. 
  • Michael’s first experience as an entrepreneur with pies. 
  • Tips to overcome the resistance to speak in front of others.
  • Michaels’s thoughts on human conversation and AI: could one substitute another? 
  • Advice on how to react when you have nothing to say but need to support a conversation. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • We don’t believe that we are good enough or that we really have the skills to do something when, in fact, it could be there; it’s just buried.
  • We all know WIIFM, which is “what’s in it for me,” so the other person needs to know what’s in it for them to have an eager watch.
  • Asking you questions about yourself helps me know who you are more, and I feel more connected that way.
  • A system creates a tremendous amount of freedom in so many ways.
  • You already have everything you need, and it’s just a matter of learning how to use it.


What it was like when you were in grade school? Perhaps first or second grade, maybe even kindergarten, and the teacher said “Now it’s show-and-tell time. Michael, can you get up and, you know, show us your new rock that you found today?” And so, I get up and I’m all excited to talk about this rock and I found it and it was on the ground, but somebody had painted it, it was all these colors and all this stuff. So, show-and-tell is really a tricky way that the teacher had a tricky way, so to speak, to get us to speak in front of other people and tell other people something, show-and-tell. So, we’ve already got that skill in us. So, as we get older, though, we tend to forget about that. And that tends to kind of go away a little bit. But like, when I start to work with people, one of the things that I really invite them to do is to look at those things they’ve already learned in their life, and then enhance that. So, show-and-tell would be an example of how a salesperson can get better by show-and-tell. Because essentially that’s what it is. It’s, you know, there’s all these different ways to sell, but it really comes back to show and tell when we get on a podcast. Now it may be just an audio, but we’re show and telling with our ears and our eyes and everything else.” – MICHAEL

“When I was growing up, imagine this, we had a couple of acres and in the back property, we had a bunch of blackberries. My dad was an entrepreneur, and he always says, “You know, find something somebody wants to buy and sell it to them.” Well, I’d go out there and pick the blackberries and my mom would make pies and all the neighborhood kids would come over and eat Mrs. Harris’s pies. You know, I thought about this and what Dad was saying about selling, things that people want. And I was a 6-year-old boy and I said, Mom, “Let’s do this. Let me pick a bunch of pies. You bake them and then I’ll go and sell them.” – MICHAEL


“I teach yoga and I teach a system. You do A, B, C, D, posture, and then this happens. Nature teaches us systems. The planting of a tree is a system. You put a seed in the ground, you water it, starts to grow, and you trim it. You do all these different things. There’s a system to create a nice, healthy tree. And in this, in a sales process, it’s the same thing. And you know this way better than I do, but it’s like, there’s a system that you use to help bring a solution to your client or your prospect.” – MICHAEL

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