Like building a house, cold calling campaigns must follow a process to make them successful. The first step in building a house is to excavate and pour the foundation. Once that is done, floor joists or footings are installed and walls are framed out. The process doesn’t deviate and nothing can be omitted.

The same is true with lead generation campaigns. In order for lead generation to be successful, a strong foundation needs to be laid. That foundation includes:

  • Understanding your target audience and identifying and extracting the lead data
  • Gaining expertise on products/services, value propositions, challenges solved, etc.
  • Developing the scripts and emails needed for various aspects of the campaign

This is accomplished with regular collaboration between your cold calling team, outside sales, marketing and leadership. No aspect of the foundation of the campaign can be skipped and the cold calling cannot begin before the entire foundation is laid.

Laying the foundation is not the only aspect of lead generation that requires a long-term vision. Prospects may commit to meet in a week, some in a month, some in a year or more. If you expect to get immediate results on any lead generation campaign, you will be disappointed. And if don’t lay down the right foundation, it will lead to failure. Laying the proper foundation for your campaign and following a well, thought-out process will deliver qualified leads and relationship building that will continuously feed your pipeline.