About Jeff Goldberg: Jeff is the owner of JGA, a sales training, coaching, and outsourced sales management firm. He is an award-winning sales professional with 4 decades of sales management, training, coaching, and consulting experience, as well as co-author of How To Be Your Own Coach – Six Simple Questions for Achieving Your Goals.

In this episode, Nancy and Jeff discuss:

  • Salespeople must invest in themselves
  • How and why polite persistence is necessary for following up
  • Jeff’s professional sales journey and prospecting strategies.

Key Takeaways: 

  • While most prospects won’t follow through, leave a voicemail anyway and provide a personalized subject line.
  • Conversational selling leads a person to a decision to do business with you or not.
  • Have great conversations as it removes the pressure, and have lots of them so you don’t run out of prospects.

“Salespeople, quite often, hang on to deals that have absolutely no shot and, at some point, it is time to give up. My suggestion is always when you start working on a deal, you follow up fairly continuously. But as time goes on, time kills all deals.” – Jeff Goldberg

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