This is the third post in a series of Case Studies which outline the ways in which we have helped our clients. This post discusses the ways that our Call Center in a Box services helped a large corporation in Chicago get a handle on their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. 

The Problems: 

This company already used the CRM we recommend but they were not using it to its full potential and had gone through five sales managers as they tried to get their sales monitoring under control. Our contact complained initially that they felt like the software was managing them instead of helping them manage their 80,000+ leads. 

The software set-up had gone poorly and their database was a mess. 

No one had set-up a dashboard to monitor their KPI’s so they had no clue what anyone was doing. 

They were setting appointments but there was no organization or assignment of leads so follow-ups were slipping through the cracks. 

They were frequently losing their Business Development Reps due to mismanagement, a lack of preparation, lack of training and poor monitoring. 

The Plan: 

They hired us to: 

  • Clean up their database. 
  • Establish KPI’s for the team. 
  • Create an effective dashboard to track and monitor the team members and the newly established KPIs. 
  • Set up a system to track and route leads to the correct callers. 
  • Train some of their staff to use the newly revised CRM. 
  • Reworded their scripts for more effective calls. 

The Results: 

The company had used the CRM for ten years but was not using any of the productivity tools it offered! We showed them how to use the tool properly and much more effectively. The tool offers a feature for Voice Mail Drop which allows the callers to ‘drop’ a pre-recorded’ message when they encounter voicemail on a call. We not only showed them how to effectively use this feature but scripted the messages to record.  

They hadn’t been recycling leads and all calling was being done randomly. We streamlined the process, routing leads from initial call, through appointment setting to sales close, with a plan to recycle any leads that did not close, allowing them to get much more mileage out of their efforts. 

During weekly meetings we reviewed the team’s activity and found that the sales associates were NOT properly using the script. We could see that they were not asking enough questions to make qualified appointments. Through training and role play examples, we were able to get them back on track delivering qualified leads that happily surprised the management!  

Management was so happy with the results that they will eventually move ALL their sales reps onto the newly revamped CRM.  


Tools are only helpful if you set them up to meet YOUR needs, know how to properly use them and then actually USE them regularly. This company had over 80,000 leads but they were getting lost in the shuffle and NOT delivering the results they could have. Our Call Center in a Box program established order, provided training and put their tools and people on track to deliver real results! 

Are YOU having a hard time monitoring or managing YOUR sales team? Know they need training but just don’t have the time, energy or patience to train them yourself? Are your producers delivering poor quality leads that just won’t close?  

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