About Fabienne Jacquet: Fabienne is the Founder and CEO of INNOVEVE and the Author of Venus Genius. She talks about how innovation and curiosity became a big part of her move from having a Ph.D. in organic chemistry to the marketing space. She also shares about discovering and understanding our own unique gifts that we can bring to the world.


In this episode, Nancy and Fabienne discuss:

  • How Fabienne went from organic chemistry to marketing
  • What “female energy” means based on her book
  • Creating something with your own emotions


Key Takeaways: 

  • As innovators, we need to be passionate about what we’re doing, curious, and extremely persistent.
  • You need to have fun and laugh to create serious business.

“One of the lessons of innovation besides being curious is to be persistent. Innovation is this burst word and everybody thinks that innovation is reserved for the elite and you need a lot of money and resources to innovate. No. ” – Fabienne Jacquet


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