There is a misconception that cold calling doesn’t work. While this has been a topic of this newsletter in the past, it is important to note the data that specifically applies to appointment setting.

It is generally quoted that that only 1-2% of cold calls actually result in a meeting. However, there is strong evidence to the contrary, highlighting the effectiveness of cold calling in today’s B2B market. The reality is that 78% of decision makers have taken an appointment or attended an event as a result of a cold call.*.

The reason most cold calls fail is simply because they’re done wrong. If you want your team to attain this level of lead generation, make sure they are following these cold calling strategies.

Set a schedule. Allot time on a regular basis to do your cold calling. The more qualified leads you want in your pipeline, the more frequent you will want to set aside time to cold call.

Be prepared. Research your prospect before you get on the phone but don’t overdo it. You want to garner enough about them to have a conversation. Over-researching will cause call reluctance which will most likely result in voice mail. Take a minute to check them out on LinkedIn, Google, their website…and then make the call.

Be persistent. It takes an average of 8 – 12 attempts to reach a C-level prospect. Most sales professionals stop at 3 attempts. A big mistake.

Ask for permission. At the outset of a call, once you have reached the prospect, ask for their permission to continue.

Set the right tone. The goal of a cold call is to engage a prospect and set up a meeting. It’s about making that first connection, not closing the deal. Be confident and relaxed. Be mindful of not only the words you use but the tone of the conversation.

The success rate of cold calling largely depends on the approach taken. Cold calling gets a bad rap when these simple tactics are not followed. If your organization does not have the time or expertise for successful cold calling, One Of A Kind Solutions is here to help.