About Chris Goegan: Chris is the Founder and CMO of Engineered Growth Systems. He is a business growth consultant who helps clients grow and scale their businesses using a proprietary methodology called Engineered Marketing, a time-tested and proven way of building the ultimate internet selling machine. His mission is to simplify small business growth and help good people build great businesses.

In this episode, Nancy and Chris discuss:

  • Engineered Marketing speaks to hots, warms, and colds differently and uses the medium that speaks to each best.
  • Collaborating with Michael E. Gerber to sell The Dreaming Room.

Key Takeaways

  • You don’t need the latest trends like funnels to sell well, what you need are differentiators and a selling system.

“Instead of focusing on traffic, let’s start with people. Let’s start with the hots, people that are ready to buy.” – Chris Goegan


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