This is the first in a series of Case Studies that outline the ways in which we have helped our clients. This post is a Call Center in a Box case study.

 About a year ago, I met a Senior Vice President of Sales from a premier insurance, risk management and financial services firm, at an industry event. 

The Problems: 

 He had three Sales Producers who weren’t ‘producing’ enough first-time appointments. They were still growing their books of business, had been trained and were responsible for cold call prospecting but it was not getting done. While they claimed to be making the calls, there were very few qualified, first-time appointments in their schedules. Management had no tools to monitor their activity. He knew they needed to be managed in prospecting but didn’t have the time or bandwidth to do it himself.  

He also had a full-time appointment setter with over 8 years of experience who set appointments but at least 50% were cancelled or no-shows. 

The rest of his team was comprised of senior sales Producers who had established books of business but didn’t do cold calling.  

The Plan: 

They retained us to implement our Call Center in a Box Services where we: 

  • Assessed the team’s skill levels 
  • Provided their Sales Producers and Appointment Setter with new scripting 
  • Set the company up on our recommended CRM 
  • Monitored their progress 
  • Met with them weekly to train, role play and discuss challenges and successes.  

The Experience: 

We started working with them at the end of the Summer of 2018 and it was immediately apparent, based on the new monitoring system, that the salespeople were NOT calling when they were supposed to. As part of the training, we established schedules to follow and through our ongoing monitoring, we were able to ensure that the calls were made during the desired timeframes.  

One-on-one coaching allowed us to work with them individually, giving each the attention and skill training THEY needed to improve.  

At the weekly meetings we listened to actual calls and provided role modeling to show them what to say and HOW to say it to achieve better results.  

The Results: 

Immediately, the quality of call conversations went up markedly and each team member we had worked with was consistently setting QUALIFIED appointments every week! 

The number of appointment cancellations was significantly reduced. Feedback from producers who took the appointments became more and more positive and has led to more sales. 

By January 2019, the company chose to move ALL their sales team members onto the CRM tool.  

The CRM has allowed the SVP of Sales to know and track what is being done, enabling him to better manage the team. And having more competent salespeople setting qualified appointments has freed him up to go out on more of those appointments with producers leading to better closing rates and an opportunity to model successful closing techniques.  

Are YOU having a hard time monitoring or managing YOUR sales team? Know they need training but just don’t have the time, energy or patience to train them yourself? Are your producers delivering poor quality leads that just won’t close?  

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