There are two approaches to selling – selling a product or selling a solution. Selling a solution will generate more sales and cultivate long-term relationships with your customers. The key to selling a solution is to understand that you are selling a solution to the prospect’s problem. That means you need to understand communications styles, so you can really get to their problems.

DiSC is an assessment tool that the One Of A Kind Solutions team has been trained in to determine the buying styles of prospects so that we can adapt our communication style to match that of the buyer. By understanding the 4 DiSC profiles, you can adjust your approach and have better outcomes.

A Dominant Type – They typically have fast-paced speech and a strong personality. They tend to think in terms of the bottom line and often have a quicker, more impulsive decision-making style. To improve communication with “D” types:

  • Don’t dominate the conversation, listen more
  • Create a situation to give them a win
  • Ask specific, targeted questions and don’t waste their time
  • Keep a fast pace to match theirs
  • Give direct answers without a lot of “fluff”

An Influencer Type – They are friendly and talkative. They typically enjoy interacting with people and like chit chat. Influencers respond well to testimonials and hearing about benefits in an upbeat, positive way. They tend to be less detail-oriented and focus more on the big picture. To improve communication with “I” types:

  • Be friendly and animated with your conversation
  • Ask for their ideas and opinions
  • Applaud and compliment
  • Don’t dwell on the details
  • Provide personal stories on how other people have benefited from your solution

A Steadiness Type – They are patient and easy-going. You can identify these individuals by their reserved, indirect, but people-oriented approach to others. They typically have a deliberate and methodical decision-making style and may resist change or anything they perceive as a risk. To improve communication with “S” types:

  • Don’t pressure them to make a decision quickly
  • Listen patiently and take time to explain
  • Speak with a sincere tone of voice
  • Discuss the process

A Conscientious Type – They are methodical and deliberate. They tend to focus on the details and are primarily concerned about doing things the “right” or “correct way.” This buying behavior style can be skeptical and is often concerned with analytics and the effects of change. To improve communication with “C” types:

  • Present data to back up claims about your solution
  • Avoid asking too many personal questions
  • Slow down and answer questions precisely
  • Involve them in planning
  • Be conservative in assertions

As sales people, we can only control our communication style. We cannot change or control the prospect. They decide if they want to purchase or not, but it’s our job to adjust our style appropriately. If we can help make the prospect’s decision-making more comfortable or easier then we can gain their trust, establish credibility, and keep the sales process moving forward.