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About Alice Myerhoff: Alice Myerhoff is the Founder of Myerhoff Consulting, which helps mission-oriented startups and SMBs with growth strategy, partnerships, and sales processes to increase revenue and maximize their positive social impact. Alice is a Sales and Business Development leader, author, and strategic deal-maker who has built customer portfolios from the ground up and client bases from ZERO. She brings a wealth of multicultural experience across several corporate, education, and nonprofit sectors. 20+ years background in online media/news/advertising/events, educational technology/software, social impact/businesses, real estate, computer gaming, and financial services. Previously held executive-level positions at workforce development, gender equity, and education-focused organizations. Check out the latest episode of our Conversational Selling podcast to learn more about Alice.

In this episode, Nancy and Alice discuss the following:

  • Definition of mission-driven organizations 
  • Significance of effective sales strategy
  • Consistency of sales principles across industries
  • Maximizing conference ROI 
  • Conference attendee privacy 
  • Evaluating conference investments 
  • The Sales Glow Up initiative with Lisa Scotto

Key Takeaways: 

  • I’m interested in supporting organizations that will leave the world in a better place.
  • You can be very methodical about approaching a conference, even as just an attendee, so you get your money’s worth out of it.
  • I think if people at the beginning of their sales careers can embrace that and not have it be such an emotional roller coaster, which sales sometimes is, they could save a lot of stress.

“I think having a definition around who you’re targeting is kind of the baseline number one issue. You can’t really reach out to your targets if you don’t have a target in mind. A phrase that I like to use is, ‘You can’t boil the ocean,’ right? So, let’s think about who the client is, how we can reach them, where they are, what they care about, and their pain points. That’s the first step. And then having some methodology, like, do you have a CRM? Do you have it set up in a way that allows you to make strategic decisions based on the data you’re collecting? Those types of things are pretty key. I like to get my hands dirty, you know?” – ALICE

“Attendees don’t like to be spammed. Imagine attending a conference; you’d have a hundred exhibitors, and everybody knew you would be there. How many emails are you going to get? And they’ll annoy you. And maybe you won’t attend the conference again because you don’t want to be on that list. So, conferences don’t do that. But that doesn’t mean you can’t figure out who’s likely to be there, right? So, you can – this sounds super basic, but sometimes people don’t think of it – look at the agenda for the conference. Who are the speakers? You know they’ll be there, right? They must show up. Or, you know, sponsors, exhibitors –they will have people on site. And you can even build outreach campaigns just around that information, right? You can make a pretty good guess. This type of company will probably send out a salesperson or a marketing person, depending on what the conference is about. And even if that is your specific target, they can maybe help you connect with that person.” – ALICE

“People kind of like that idea of showing up at a conference and winging it. I think a lot of people are selling the same way. They’re sort of winging it, and you can pick up little tidbits here and there. There’s lots of thought leadership stuff happening. I mean, our little videos are part of that, too, even. But building a methodology that allows you to be consistent and have some rigor can make a huge difference. So yeah, I support that. And you know, Nancy, the bigger vision with Sales Glow Up is to create something like that.” – ALICE

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