Cold calling is a proven way to warm up leads and secure face-to-face meetings. Lead generation working together with sales will deliver the best outcomes. It is a prolonged journey that focuses on process, vision and long-term goals. Lead generation requires patience. Taking a short-sighted view of lead generation sells it short on so many levels.

When evaluating ROI for cold calling, people often look at the number of calls made and the number of appointments obtained. The problem with this is that much of the value of cold calling is omitted. Combining this with several important factors will give a much clearer picture of the actual ROI from cold calling.

Every step of the process produces value so measuring ROI is tricky. There is added value in:

  1. The targeted database containing accurate information
  2. Consistent “touching” of the targeted audience
  3. Relationships nurtured through conversations
  4. Collected information for marketing strategy
  5. Sharing updates with all parties in the process

The purpose of lead generation is to create business for the long term through engagement and by building the foundation for ultimate sales. When sales leaders take a short-sighted view of the lead generation process, it is detrimental to the sales outcome.

Instead of focusing on a wide top-of-funnel approach, think more strategically about targeting the right leads and accounts, and nurturing those for the highest qualified leads possible. This will set the stage for bigger and better things to follow. Look at the big picture, have patience and reap the benefits.