Appointment setting is crucial for sales organizations that rely on leads and is a key element of their process. It is considered one of the most difficult parts of the sales process and often a major hurdle to meeting sales goals. If you are looking for better outcomes and less fruitless sales, you might consider outsourcing lead generation. Here are seven areas where you can benefit.

Lower costs. While big businesses can afford to maintain inside sales departments including recruiting, hiring and training plus phone, computer and supplies, for most businesses it is cost prohibitive. The ongoing costs of one new hire outweighs the price of using an experienced lead generation company.

More qualified. Not all salespeople are good at finding new prospects as well as nurturing and closing them. Appointment setting requires a different skill set from sales presentations and closing. It is rare to find a salesperson who is good at all three. B2B lead generation companies are experts at just that.

Better use of your time. Managing a sales team can monopolize your time. Outsourcing B2B lead generation allows you to focus on other priorities including turning prospects into sales.

Scalability. The outsource company will ramp up to deliver the number of appointments you need to fill your pipeline. When business fluctuates, outsourcing allows you to scale efforts up or down accordingly. It’s easier to adjust the budget than hire or fire employees.

Accountability. It is the lead generation company’s commitment to keep you fully engaged throughout the process. They continually refine and hone their methodologies to improve outcomes. Their reporting and metrics allow you to evaluate the ROI of the program.

Quality of appointments. What you don’t want is your sales team wasting time on calls to prospects that are not a good fit for your company. Outsourcing companies are experts at analyzing information, identifying appropriate decision makers, and weeding out the leads that will go nowhere.

Better results. B2B appointment setting companies are experts in their field. They know the best practices to get decision makers on the phone, quickly establish rapport, uncover needs, and get the appointment.

A company may find significant benefits from outsourcing its appointment setting efforts, rather than relying on its sales force to set their own appointments or implementing an in-house program given better quality outcomes and the fixed costs and overhead involved.