It’s summer in the Northern hemisphere and hopefully, the living is easy. But that does NOT mean that you should stop cold calling! I actually believe that it is CRUCIAL that you keep making those sales calls.

Here are 3 reasons why you SHOULD be prospecting this summer: 

  1. The absolute, NUMBER ONE reason why you should be prospecting this summer is because it is a good bet that your competition isn’t! They are out at the beach and are NOT making calls. This helps you stand out and gives you time to make a positive impression on your prospects (wow, this guy is really dedicated!) and to stand out. 

  2. Many companies are cutting costs and manpower by using robocalls and auto-generated emails. Those tactics are not only ineffective but easily ignored. Prospects will be surprised to hear a REAL person on the line and that surprise can work in your favor – work it! 

  3. With offices a bit less busy for the summer, the people who ARE at work and picking up calls may have more time to talk. Commiserate with them about having to be at work when everyone is out – this will give you a chance to bond! Take this opportunity to actively LISTEN and LEARN. Relax and give your prospect time to fully explain their needs and then reflect back their needs while outlining your solutions.

Summer can be an IDEAL time to make the connections and appointments that lead to a strong Q4 so, take your well-rehearsed script, pick up that phone and start dialing!  

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